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TruDYNASTY – Promo CD Mixed by DJ BASS (New Soca)

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New Promo Mix by DJ BASS for TruDynasty
Just a Promo CD, Bass will be on the road with Fantazia for 2016, but I love these guys and the Mix is pretty Hype!!! TruDYNASTY Carnival “Where Carnival Lasts Forever” The owners of TruDYNASTY have been bringing you Mas costumes for many years. In 2009 they had two sections in Louis Saldanah’s band – Fantasy in Jewels and Pacific Paradise. For several years prior to 2009, they’ve had sections in Marlon Singh’s Callalloo band. Through their continued success, the love of their fans and the encouragement of other band leaders, they decided to launch their own TruDYNASTY – hence the TruDYNASTY Carnival Inc. band.

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