Bosses Only Boat Cruise – Promo Mix (Re Upload)

This is a Promo Mix for my upcoming Summer Boat Ride w my family Marie and Jeanelle Promotions Boss: (as per urban dictionary) An adjective used in many situations describing something or someone that is superior. ————– Used to address people in a friendly manner (as in not implying they are your employer or master). ————– A person who is of a higher life form than most feeble humans. They literally demand respect. All of their actions are aimed at consolidating their place as the top dog, and these actions are conducted in the smoothest manner possible. Bosses often deny the fact that they are boss, but know in their hearts that they are. They are always winning. ————— Are you a BOSS? Jeanel & Marie promo presents — BOSSES ONLY BOAT CRUISE — July 16th 2016 Aboard the AURORA BOREALIS 333 Lakeshore Blvd E, Toronto, ON M5A 1B6 Boarding @ 9pm SET SAIL @ 10pm SHARP RETURN @ 2AM Music By 105.5 FMs DJ DOC,
DJ N1CE, DJ Monsta, DJ GQ, DJ BASS from 89.5 FM
Dancehall, Reggae, Hip Hop, Trap, Soca, Top 40, Old School This Summer why force yourself to take in the same DJs from event to event, boat to boat.. Party with the team that is different and switch it up!! Adv. tickets go on sale NOW! $35 Adv. limited time and amount! Call us now Jeanel 647-739-0722 Marie 647-572-3995 BASS 647-400-5294 GQ 416-453-6234 Follow US on social Media @imdjbass @chocolatecoco1989 @SPECIAL_JNEL @GQ_Gentlmans_quarters PRE-SAIL BOTTLE SPECIAL from 9:30 pm to 10pm Hennessy and gRey goose*$175

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